About Us
We have been helping students for over 10 years write and edit Admission Essays or Statement Letters for admission to the university programs of their choice. During those years we've seen it all! We've worked with students applying to MBAs, Law School, Med School, Teacher's College, Social Work, Counselling Therapy, Creative Arts, Engineering, and many more.  
Our Writing Professionals are seasoned writers. They include Lawyers, Med Students, MBA graduates, Psychologists, Social Workers, and Master of Arts holders. What ever your academic inclination is, a suitable Writing Professional will assist you.

The Personal Statement / Admission Essay is an incredibly important part of your application and could make or break your application. Invest in the people that could help you get in! 

Did we mention we give a FREE FIRST EDIT?! It's easy. We'll edit the first section of your Essay / Letter, for free. If you see value in the corrections, we could then proceed to work together. That's been our practice from the get-go. 

Meeting Times & Location- We are free to meet in-person or work via phone, during business hours. We are located in Toronto, Canada.  

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Meet some of our
Senior Editors
  1. Rebecca Edwards
    HBA (York University), MEd (University of Ottawa) Psychotherapist & Counselor At a Large Private Clinic I am a Counsellor / Therapist by training, having graduated from a Psychology major at York University, and a Master program from University of Ottawa. I love helping students enter those exciting fields. The counselling and therapy profession is a terrific fit for students interested in doing something that they feel good about, and I can work with you to unravel your story, and get to the hidden gems of information that will display you as a top-notch applicant.
  2. Jacob Sanders
    B. Commerce (University of Toronto), M.B.A. (Western University) Currently: Sales & Marketing Consultant in a Global Pharmaceutical Company I am a graduate of Rotman’s School of Business at the University of Toronto, and an MBA program from Western University. Having gone to world-renowned business schools has taught me many things about presentation, story telling, and marketing; all of which are skills relevant to writing admission essays for students. I specialize in assisting students applying to commerce programs, or MBAs, and other related disciplines. Currently, I work as a marketing consultant in a major Health Products company in Toronto.
  3. Alex Aidan
    Honours Bachelor of Arts (University of Toronto) Juris Doctor (University of Ottawa) TESL (Oxford Seminars) Currently: Toronto-based Lawyer in Civil Litigation I am a Senior Editor at Apply to Grad, specializing in writing for undergraduate programs, and for Grad programs in Law and Medicine. I am a founding member of Apply to Grad, back in 2007. Given how important the decision of choosing a program or university to a student’s career is, I am rewarded by assisting students to reach their academic potential. My approach is always to find the fit between the applicant and the program, and working with the applicant to communicate that fit, passion, and knowledge in his or her admission essay.
  4. Elley Donaldson
    B.A. in Creative Writing (British Columbia University) Full-Time Freelance Writer With 10+ experience In 2010, I quit my job as an Editor in a local magazine to focus full time on working as a Freelance Writer. Since then, I have dabbled in travel writing, events coverage, and of course working with students on improving their writing. At Apply to Grad I specialize in assisting Humanities and Liberal Arts Students with applying to Master or PhD programs. I have extensive experience in presenting information in the best possible light, and I can do the same for students that I work with.
  5. Joseph Bakali
    Bachelors of Science (University of Ottawa) M. D (McGill University) I am a Medical School Graduate from McGill University, completing my residential practice term in Montreal and Ottawa. Having gone through an elaborate application process to schools here in Canada, I have learned about the skills and knowledge needed to become a successful medical school candidate. I joined Apply to Grad in 2012, to work part-time on helping students who face the same challenges that I faced in getting admitted to Med School. Also, if you are interested in the medical field, I would be happy to guide you through the application process.
  6. Alfred Kirby
    Bachelors of Science (University of Toronto) Current work: Full Stack Developer, @ a national Tech Start-up in Toronto I am the Principal Coordinator at Apply to Grad, and will likely be your first point of contact with us. I have 10 years of experience in building scalable, enterprise level technology stacks with Java. I have a deep knowledge (bordering on obsession) of Agile principles and the flexibility to adapt your experience to new and evolving environments. At Apply to Grad, I work with students interested in applying to computer science and other technical graduate programs.
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