Our Guarantees 
  1. Personal Approach
    Personal Approach
    We will speak to you personally, and at length during editing or writing your Admission Essay. That is the only way that we can ensure to retrieve the right information from you in order to convey the right message. We hope that will make you confident in what we have to offer!
  2. Free Initial Revision
    Free Initial Revision
    We’re confident of our editing and writing prowess so much that we'll look at the first part of your Admission Essay/ Personal Statement for FREE. We're sure that you'll want to work with us afterwards! Try it! Risk-free
  3. On Time Delivery
    On Time Delivery
    Forget about missing the deadline for submitting your Admission Essay. We work around the clock, with turn-around times as shorts as a couple of day!
  4. 100% Customized
    100% Customized
    Your Admission Essay will be specific and personal to you, outlining your own unique story and experience. We've honed our skills in focusing on the right stuff, and saying it in the right way to convey your knowledge and passion for your program.
Our Process

Here's the process that you could expect to go through with us:

Send us an Initial Draft
Call us to chat, or email us an initial draft of your Admission Letter / Personal Statement
Get a Free Edit & Estimate
We look it over, correct the first part of it & make general comments, and send it back to you, with a Cost Estimate
Meet Or Call Us 
Once you see that we made some pretty awesome improvements, you make payment, and we begin working with you to re-draft your Statement
We  Get Writing !  
We would complete editing or writing your Statement and send it back to you for your approval
We Confirm & Polish  
We address any lingering questions or corrections that you may have
Our Services

We have helped students apply to:
Law School, Med School, Masters of Art, Business Administration, Accounting, Education, Social Work, Psychology Counselling, Language Teaching, and Research Fellowship and Doctoral Programs ... and many more !
Whatever your program of interest is, we could help!

  1. Managing Director
    BUSINESS / MBA As more professionals & students are choosing to pursue an MBA program, the application process is becoming increasingly competitive. Your MBA application essay is a great opportunity to demonstrate what Admission Officers look for: that you have motivation, dedication, and vision to succeed. You need to highlight your accomplishments, your reasons for seeking an MBA, and your plans for the future. We could help you do that, by linking you to skilled Editors that have graduated from UofT Rotman's MBA program.
  2. Law School
    LAW SCHOOL Law School is all about the writing, and the foremost place to demonstrate your ability to be compelling, precise and articulate is the Admission Letter. Without it, the Admission Officers have no telling of your ability in these fundamental skills of the law. Your application hence needs to be stellar. That is where we can help. We will assign you with Editors who have been through the process and currently practice law. Speak to us to kick off your path to a stellar Admission Essay.
  3. Managing Director
    MEDICAL SCHOOL You’ve made it through your pre-med program, obtained a solid GPA, scored high in the MCAT, but it is not over yet. You still need to go ahead through the application process and write a solid Essay that communicates your passion for aspiring to become a future doctor, dentist, nurse, veterinarian, and the like. That's where we can help! We've helped students get admitted to some of the best medical school programs in the country. Speak to us to invest in the last step between you and Medical School.
  4. Managing Director
    CREATIVE & TECHNICAL ARTS No matter what type of fine arts or technical program you are applying to, a stellar Admission Essay is a critical part of a successful application package. In today’s competitive admissions environment, strong test scores, an impressive GPA, and a unique portfolio of material is no longer enough to guarantee admission to your chosen program. It takes a great piece of writing (whether for a fine arts, technical, or architecture program) to make the Committee take notice of your candidacy. Speak to us today for help!
  5. Managing Director
    COUNSELLING / THERAPY Psychology / Therapy touches on reading between the lines, and analyzing the reality of any given situation. It requires clear thinking, deduction, and excellent communication, and your personal statement for psychology must reflect these traits and skills. It is pivotal for showing admission officials why you deserve admission to their school. Let us show you how to use your personal statement to illuminate your passion for helping others.
  6. Managing Director
    LIBERAL ARTS & SCIENCE As more and more students graduate with impressive grades and test scores, admissions officials increasingly rely on the humanities personal statement in their admission decisions. It is expected that your personal statement will reflect an understanding of who you are and what you have learned—convincingly communicating your passion for your area of expertise. It should express your clear grasp of your chosen field, as well as your suitability towards it. Let us help you maximize your chance of admission.